Our Barberhop- Expect the unexpected

What you’ll find in our Barbershop

You’ll find our barbershop is well-suited to a relaxed and comfortable environment for your next haircut, and our stylists are easy to talk to and will ROCK the haircut you have in mind.Barbershop in Kansas CIty for mens haircuts and kids haircuts. This is a shop for men and boys. This is a barbershop you’ll call home. You’ll return to this shop for every cut and have the same stylist every single time. This is a shop where you can come a few minutes early and unwind on the couch before your appointment. This is your barbershop, and we will make sure you have a great experience while you are here and leave with a men’s or a boy’s haircut that will make you feel great.

We take pride in what we do, who we do it for, our furnishings, our tools, and our team.

This is our shop- Rock Paper Clippers, and we welcome you here for your haircut and every cut after that.